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FFFPV "first-person-view" drone filming is quickly becoming a highly utilized tool in the film industry. With %100 percent manual flight control, cinematic quality cameras and speeds with excess of 100mph, pilots can achieve cinematic quality footage that traditional and commercial drones just can not provide.




   A "CINE LIFTER" is a drone set up for heavier payloads. These are able to carry such cameras as the Black Majick 6K cinema camera, Sony A series, Z-Cam, just about any cinema camera and lens you can throw at it. Before most cinematic FPV footage has been taken with GO PROS due to the decent quality and low weight. It can be great looking footage for many things, but to get that professional cinema- movie grade footage directors and such need massively improved dynamic range, image quality, codecs and color science. To have that on a platform with unbeatable flight characteristics that con only come through an FPV drone is becoming to very desired in Hollywood and around the world. Currently we can offer up industry-standard 10-bit Apple ProRes files in all formats up to 4K or 12-bit Blackmagic RAW in all formats up to 6K. 



  "CINEWHOOPS" are smaller drones that that are suited for full size  GOPRO's. You can now get naked GOPROS that will fit on drones the size of your palm. Again being FPV operated and in full Acro provide unlimited possibilities of what a camera drone can do. The ducts on the drones provide a little more thrust as well as protection from the props, may it come in contact with any people during a shoot.  These are probably accountable for the majority of the FPV footage you see.

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